Jackie Yancy, Executive Director

Jackie has spent the majority of her career working with women who face domestic violence, homelessness, and single-parenting. Recognized in Alameda County California as an experienced practitioner in the field of Domestic Violence, Jackie collaborates with the Alameda County Family Justice Center, Alameda County Probation, and Alameda County Social Services to provide programs for victims and the aggressors. These programs have aided in reuniting families, assisted victims in regaining control of their lives, and helped teach aggressors nonviolent conflict resolution skills.  Before joining New Creation Home Ministries, Jackie worked tirelessly as the Senior Case Manager at Oakland Elizabeth House (a transitional program for women and children) to bring positive change to the lives of the women. With husband Pastor Will Yancy (a well-known Domestic Violence leader, Educator, and Minister), Jackie co-founded Triumph Educational Center, a program that provides family counseling services.

Jackie developed an innovative and evidence-based case management system for New Creation Home Ministries. The case management model includes the ACE risk assessment (a case plan that addresses the effects of a person’s trauma exposure) and a curriculum designed to teach "self-sufficiency" to young mothers from low socioeconomic communities. 

Jackie holds a B.S. in Organizational Management, M.S. in Counseling (with emphasis in Marriage, Child, and Family Therapy), and a PhD in Higher Education Administration. For over twenty years Jackie has empowered people (particularly women) from low socioeconomic communities to build self-worth by cultivating and supporting programs that focus on education, financial management, employment, and personal development.

Lisa Moody, Housing Program Director

Lisa lends her expertise in the field of parenting and early childhood development, and also her broad connections in the county to bring quality instructors to the parenting class as well as valuable resources to the young families at NCHM. Lisa’s duties include recruiting volunteer instructors as well as designing the content of the overall program.